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How to Legally get off your Speeding Fines

Legally Avoid Speeding Fines!

Written by former Provincial Traffic Chief, Dennis Jackson

Discover the injudicious SPEED TRAPPING deception that the Traffic Police

don’t want you to know about!


Find out how to LEGALLY avoid paying speeding fines & losing points!

Know the Law AND Know your Rights!

Hidden cameras on the side of the road are a massive source of income for the government, and it is getting out of hand. You can get flashed by a camera 4 times in 3 years or 4 times in a day and then lose your licence for a year - that can be devastating for anyone.

Have you ever thought how it would affect you if you lost your licence?

While some cameras are placed in accident 'blackspots', which we would all agree is sensible, most camera traps are concealed where they are simply intended just to catch you out, without doing anything to make the roads safer. They are there to simply rake in the maximum revenue for the authorities, whilst you are not really endangering anyone.


Written and compiled by former Chief Traffic Officer Dennis Jackson and legal experts, it is presented in layman's terms. This incredibly informative eBook is completely LEGAL as it will simply help you to get to know the law. It covers many other aspects of traffic speed enforcement and shows how we are being fleeced by the speed trapping fiasco.

The traffic police would really prefer that you didn’t have this information… !  


Get this eBook and stay one step ahead of the Traffic Police and Demerit Points!

It is a must have for every South African driver!

It could well SAVE YOUR LICENCE!

Order yours NOW and find out how the law can be on YOUR side!


This new eBook is an amazingly detailed, in depth comprehensive and technical manual in an eBook. It contains invaluable information and guidelines to assist you to legally contest your speeding fines. The information and defences contained in this manual are based on legal precedent and South African law.


It is therefore, … PERFECTLY LEGAL!




This outstanding manual has been featured on… 702 Radio, the Redi Direko Show &  the

Jenny Crwys Williams Show!

It was also aired on Jacaranda, YFM, SAFM, & Radio Islam International !



This eBook is your legal & most cost effective solution to speed fines!


This legal eBook by former Provincial Traffic Chief, Dennis Jackson focuses on:-


·      In-depth and up to date information on the laws of speed trapping in South Africa!

·      Step by step on how to legally contest your alleged speeding offence, summonses!

·      Comprehensive information about the workings of speed measuring equipment!

·      Your rights according to the South African Criminal Procedure act!

·      Your rights at a roadblock including your constitutional rights as a motorist!

·      SA Criminal law and your rights in an arrest or in criminal charges against you!

·      All about the new Points Demerit System and how it will affect you!

·      All you want to know about Laser/Radar Detectors and Laser Jamers!

·      Just about anything and everything, you ever wanted to know about speed trapping operations in South Africa!

·      And as a bonus, - Prevention Guidelines against Hijacking!



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