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Pricing is based on the number of vehicles ‘active’ on the system at your month end. There is no charge for the retention of non active vehicles/ information on the client’s data base – i.e. sold vehicles etc.


Number of Vehicles

Cost per vehicle, per month

0 - 500

R 65.00

501 – 1,000

R 60.00

1,001 – 5,000

R 55.00

5,000+ vehicles

R 50.00


The above fees all Exclude VAT.  A six percent annual escalation is applicable from your fleet take on date.



Projected Cost & Saving Example


·         100 vehicles cost about R11,500,000 a year in a typical operation.

·         100 vehicles times R65 per month per vehicle equals R78,000 a year

·         This cost is equal to 0.68% of total operating costs

·         With comprehensive operating cost and management control, on drivers and vehicles, total costs could be reduced by over 9%, or about R1,000,000

·         In the above example, there is a projected saving of R922,000 per annum