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AARTO compliance is an integral part of Risk Management

AARTO Fleet Solutions (AFS) is the brainchild of its founder, Dennis Jackson. Dennis has had a long career in Traffic Law Enforcement during which he has been involved in the many intricacies and facets of the law.


In 1971 Dennis joined the Natal Provincial Traffic Training College and completed his ITO final exams with distinctions. He excelled and rapidly rose through the ranks to become a Senior Provincial Inspector within five years. He later relocated to the Transvaal as a Senior Officer with the Transvaal Provincial Traffic Inspectorate. Dennis has always been passionate about whatever he’s pursued and has earned many merit awards during his career, including a commendation for outstanding service in the Inspectorate


After leaving the Inspectorate Dennis formed a company, VIA-CON (Vehicle Incident Analysis & Consulting), specializing in the investigation and reconstruction of road accidents, traffic fine analysis and consultations for fleet managers and motorists. Dennis has on a numerous occasions been called to testify as an expert witness in court.


He has spent many years actively campaigning against unfair and possibly illegal traffic law enforcement activities. He achieved this in a number of different ways, including as the co-founder and Vice Chairman of JPSA (The Justice Project of South Africa) until May 2011. He has written numerous articles that have regularly been published in the media. He has appeared on TV on Carte Blanche, Special Assignment and eTV Sunrise. Dennis has also been interviewed on various Radio Stations including 702, Jacaranda, YFM, SAFM and Radio Islam.


He has exceptional knowledge of the Road Traffic Act and a persistent desire to see evenhandedness and correct implementation of the road traffic enforcement. This led him to author a book titled “How To Avoid Speeding Fines Legally”. The book has sold countless copies and helped many individuals, and businesses fight unfair prosecutions. It was later released as an eBook on CD and is still available nationwide.


During this time, AARTO was introduced and Dennis naturally took a very keen interest in it. He has followed its development from AARTO's earliest beginnings to the current state of affairs and the imminent implementation. Dennis is undoubtedly one of the country's leading experts on AARTO in all its aspects.


As a result of numerous requests to assist companies in preparation for AARTO, Dennis decided to offer these highly educational seminars to the public. Drawing from vast experience in this sector, he is able to impart knowledge that is up to date, comprehensive, and above all, easy to implement. Delegates take away with them a good understanding of what AARTO is about and how it affects them. The advanced seminars are more comprehensive and equip delegates with the knowledge to deal with AARTO and its implications for themselves and their companies.


In addition to fleet seminars Dennis operates a consultancy providing information on the legal rights of the motorist and assists corporate clients and the general motoring public, to legally defend traffic violations.


He now lives in Krugersdorp and conducts seminars throughout the country. Dennis continues to campaign assiduously against unfair and unlawful speeding and traffic charges.




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