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AARTO Fleet Solutions specializes in AARTO Training Seminars.

Our seminars impart essential, practical  information that can be readily applied by your staff to effectively implement and manage AARTO in the operation of your fleet.

We accommodate large and small fleet operators, from the heavy transport sector to the company with only a few vehicles.
AARTO Seminars
Take advantage of our Seminars now and train your managers, staff and drivers.

We provide your staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to take the hassle, and risk, out of your interaction with the AARTO system.
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AARTO has been with us in Jhb and Tshwane for some time. With pending National rollout will come the dreaded Demerit Points. It is imperative that fleet owners and companies understand and prepare for AARTO to ensure that they comply with its complex requirements. Incorrect handling of the AARTO System, or failure to comply, can incur severe penalties resulting in massive extra costs and loss of productivity.





The consequences of not being prepared for AARTO include suspension of driving licences, revocation of vehicle operator cards and even imprisonment. Penalties are severe and can have devastating effects on a company whose fleet manager has not adequately prepared for the effects of AARTO. No company can afford the resultant loss of business revenue and internal disruption.


AARTO Fleet Solutions seminars bring training to your premises. Our Seminars are effectively designed to meet your specific company’s needs. Comprehensive, vital information is delivered, without the frills, to ensure that specific and useful knowledge is acquired. Delegates are equipped with the relevant knowledge to protect their company's best interests.



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Changes and new regulations are incorporated into our AARTO training seminars and workshops as soon as they are promulgated. You always get the latest information!
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