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AARTO compliance is an integral part of Risk Management


·      What is AARTO?

AARTO stands for Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences. It is a system to introduce stricter measures in managing traffic offences. It is also intended to reduce contraventions of the law and thereby bring the road accident and death toll under control.


·       Why is AARTO necessary?

AARTO has been introduced into South Africa to ‘encourage’ motorists to toe the line in driving behaviour. Under the old system many road users managed to slip through the cracks.  AARTO seeks to eradicate all the loopholes. Traffic fines are now controlled by the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC).


·       Who is affected by AARTO?

Every single road user is affected. Whether you are an individual with a scooter, commuting to and from work or you operate a large fleet of vehicles with numerous drivers to contend with.


·       How are AARTO fines delivered?

A registered notification is sent to you via your local post office.  AARTO legislation requires that all infringement notices and fines must be sent via registered post or delivered in person to the alleged infringer.


·       I am a fleet operator. How does AARTO affect me?

AARTO is about the creation of a driver culture amongst road users to obey road rules. Failure to do so will have severe consequences for the unwary fleet operator, employer, the proxy and drivers. These can include the suspension and cancellation of driving licences and/or vehicle licenses, cross border permits and even the cessation of the operation of an entire fleet.

The financial consequences to a company can be too dire to contemplate.


·       Will AARTO increase corruption?

The possibility definitely exists. AFS Seminars equip you to deal with this eventuality and to know how to avoid falling foul of the law due to corrupt traffic officers.


·       What can I expect of AARTO?

Effective fleet management is really about having a good knowledge of the AARTO system, so as to effectively increase productivity and to better manage drivers and traffic fines. Fleet managers will need to alter present systems and will need to make operational changes to accommodate the implementation of AARTO. AFS can supply the necessary solutions to effectively manage your fleet without incurring unnecessary expense and difficulties with adhering to the AARTO system.


·       Staff education?

An AFS seminar imparts the knowledge to fleet managers, drivers and staff on the basics of AARTO and how to deal with the many aspects involved. We also assist your company staff towards an in-depth comprehension of AARTO and in addition, the effects that AARTO will have on them as well as management and holistic administration of the fleet.


·       What about my drivers?

The AFS seminar is presented in a straightforward and unsophisticated manner that can be understood by drivers and management alike. Comprehensive policies need to be distinctly outlined and put into place regarding employer / employee (drivers), contracts, with regards to road behaviour, compliance with road traffic laws and regulations to avoid unnecessary licence suspension and resulting finance and production losses.



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