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Whether your business has a fleet of 5 or 500 vehicles, we have a Fleet Management System priced right for your business. This is a full featured, powerful Fleet Management System that helps you keep costs up to date and your service & expense data organized and easy to access. All this comes at a cost that makes total sense. It's powerful, versatile and cost effective.


While this Fleet Management System is inexpensive, we certainly haven't skimped on features. You get expense tracking, tyre management, driver details, dealer records, inventory tracking, network compatibility, profile-based user security, a wide selection of management reports, and much, much more. You also get the professional, courteous product support you expect and deserve.




         A world best Fleet Management System, utilizing the very latest IT technologies

         Specifically developed for online use, it can be accessed from any internet connected PC with an internet browser, anywhere, anytime. It requires minimal network resources

         No software is required on each PC. This means that the system is centrally administered eliminating the need to send updates to individual sites or computers. This translates into Low cost of ownership.

         Hugely scalable i.e. the database can be customized to suit customer preferences and can support hundreds or thousands of concurrent users

         Multi-Site operation even across national borders

         Multi-Level breakdown of company organisation

         Flexible Screens add your own fields, text, calculations, corporate branding

         Password Controlled Access down to driver level

         Accurate and up-to-date Costings highlights high cost areas

         Identifies Warranty Claims, eliminating wasteful payments for work that should be claimed under warranty. Identifies work carried out at other depots

         Schedules Diary Dates for operational requirements

         Highlights out of Line vehicles and drivers

         Warns of Statutory Requirements in advance

         Fleet Card Input can be programmed for local operations

         Tracking Data can be programmed into your reports

         Ease of Use Your staff will find it easy to adapt to the system. Full training is available.


Main Modules


My Fleet

          Vehicles - Vehicle Details (e.g. Purchase, Insurance, Disposal, etc.)

          Functions include fuel, tolls, maintenance, tyres, inspections, vehicle license renewals and trip logs

          Fleet Administration

          Suppliers: This includes motor dealers, workshops or any supplier to your fleet

          Drivers and Taxable Benefits - holds full driver details (including licence inspections, training records etc), details of business mileage and a vehicle allocation history (i.e. who has been driving which vehicles and when).

          Repairs and Workshop - records all service and maintenance data, with a user definable job card making light work of the data input. Expense Records - (Loan/Lease, Insurance, Tolls, Fees, etc.)

          Fuel - holds details of fuel issues, fuel cards etc. Reports include exception and analysis features


Safety Management

          Driver details

          Fines management, includes AARTO management

          Accident management - holds comprehensive accident details (in a user definable screen) which supports multiple third parties. Reports include summary, analysis and comparisons.


Asset Management

          Vehicle details including vehicle selection lists





          Report Writer - A special report writer is used for the design and production of reports. This is a very powerful, industry standard, reporting engine that enables you to create a wide selection of report types, including analysis drill-down and comparison.

          Wide selection of Management Reports

          Automatic WYSIWYG Report Preview

          Custom report can be created on request

          Report can be scheduled to be emailed on a preset basis



          Fleet Management calculators