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The Problem

The new AARTO Road Transport Legislation allows for the removal of entire fleets of vehicles from the roads. This is a harsh penalty with severe impact on a company’s revenue and employee’s jobs. In today’s highly competitive market one cannot afford the damage that can be done to a business through non compliance of AARTO and the points demerit system. Even the unexpected loss of one driver could be damaging to your company’s effectiveness and service reputation.

It could easily become the ‘worst nightmare’ scenario and the saying “Ignorance of the law is no defence” certainly holds true.  Unfortunately most fleet operators are currently exposed to this risk.


The Solution

Fortunately the solution is relatively simple and cost effective…..knowledge! Our reasonably priced seminars quickly familiarise your team with the basics central to AARTO, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully navigate the AARTO minefield. This will result in avoidance of the many pitfalls, difficulties and ensuing expenses that will plague the unaware.

Our seminars focus specifically on the administrative process of AARTO, the documents that must be employed, applicable timeframes, implications for company proxy’s, demerit points applicable to individuals and demerit points for operator vehicles.

In addition, the seminars deal with the extremely important and much underestimated employment relationship with drivers and the implications under AARTO. Included in the course content is a detailed AARTO policy that may be used to help with the effective management of this human resource aspect of your fleet.

Our seminars provide essential knowledge of the ins and outs of AARTO regulations, and how to deal with traffic fines under AARTO and Demerit Points system.

Being adequately prepared ensures that driver’s licences, operator’s cards and professional driving permits remain safe & secure.


Who Should Attend

Company Directors & Business Owners

Company Proxies / Responsible Persons

Fleet Owners & Managers

Sales Representatives


Anyone that operates vehicles including trucks, cars, buses, taxis and even motorcycles or scooters


Content – Seminar Outline (Content is constantly updated)

            ·     Understanding the AARTO Act

            ·     How AARTO changes the way in which traffic law is administered.

            ·     Understanding the Points Demerit System

            ·     The diverse effects on drivers licence holders and operators

            ·     Understanding the various stages of the AARTO process:

                        ·     The infringement notice

                        ·     The courtesy letter

                        ·     The enforcement order

                        ·     The warrant of execution

                        ·     Roadblock arrests

                        ·     The various options available under AARTO explained

            ·     How AARTO can affect your business, including:

                        ·     Effects on fleet owners and operators

                        ·     Drivers and labour issues

            ·     How to avoid mistakes in the AARTO processes

            ·     Common mistakes made by transport administrators and proxies

            ·     Record-keeping with respect to the AARTO process

            ·     Working with AARTO forms

            ·     Question and answer session

            ·     Conclusion



Our seminars are typically presented at your own premises, thus saving you and your staff valuable time and travelling costs. For larger groups, seminars are available at outside venues.




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