1.       Recover money that is otherwise lost forever

2.       A True No-Win-No-Fee Service

3.       Nationwide reach covers multiple branches

4.       Confidentiality and discretion guaranteed

5.       Proven low impact on your business

6.       Quick and accurate results

7.       Reclaim profits with minimal effort

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7 Ways FINADD Benefits Your Business

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You Could Be Losing 3% of Your Total Creditor Balances Every Year due to Accounting System Errors Overlooked by Auditors

Today’s sophisticated accounting systems help streamline your company’s operations, save time and provide invaluable information about your business. But surprisingly millions of Rands are lost every year through these systems – by duplicating invoice and credit note processing and payment. This is not an unusual problem; research shows a surprisingly high number of large companies suffer such losses yet know nothing about it until it’s too late.

FINADD reveals duplicate invoice errors & overpayments

FINADD solves duplication problems with a service that not only reveals overpayments but also recovers money lost as a result. There’s no risk and there will be no fee if we don’t recover your money for you.


Reclaiming money from overpaid invoices is as straightforward as asking us to conduct a simple and free assessment. Confidentiality is guaranteed and effort from your side is minimal.


Discover more about how the FINADD service can improve your company’s bottom line. Contact us today for a free and confidential assessment.

The Problem Solver
The Problem Solver