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FINADD is a vibrant, up and coming privately owned company. Our unique skills, backgrounds and experience in the financial sector have positioned us to identify this key issue and to develop the powerful system that we use to analyse Clientsí data.

The system enables FINADD to efficiently process bulk financial data achieving quick accurate results. This saves the client from committing valuable skilled staff to what is usually a lengthly manual process.

We pride ourselves on providing quality, professional results for our Corporate clients. This confidence is reflected in our fee structure being purely results driven. In other words, if we donít bring money into your company then we donít get paid!

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us and data security is thus a high priority.



Johann Pieterse - CA (SA), M Compt

Johann is a highly regarded businessman with a wealth of experience. He started his career as a chartered accountant in 1975 and went on to become a partner with PriceWaterhouseCoopers before being appointed as the Financial Director of Pepkor, one of South Africaís leading public companies with major strategic interests in mass market retail. Thereafter he rose to prominence when, as CEO, he led a highly profiled turnaround of Teljoy and the consequent merger with Vodac and GSM Cellular into the Vodacom Service Provider Company. In addition, he also led the turnaround of Naspersí Van Schaik bookstores. In 2003, Johann joined Strategy Partners where he has been the Executive Chairman and oversees the activities of the SP-aktif Group of Companies. Johann holds several directorships of listed and unlisted companies.

Johann is the Executive Chairman of SP-aktif Properties and Terra Optima One General Partner


Louis Reynolds - B. Econ (Hons)

Louis started his career in 1984 as an Organizational Development Consultant. For a period of six years he consulted to companies in the clothing, motor, transport, hospitality and construction industries of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to change career and during the past 20 years he founded and built companies in the clothing, furniture and hospitality industries. During this period he began investing in property and this led to extensive business engagements in the development and management of properties. He successfully undertook and completed a variety of property development and investment projects and he has hands-on experience in all disciplines and phases pertaining to the enhancement of property value. These include opportunity identification, concept origination, rezoning and rights enhancement, design, construction, letting, management, marketing and sales. Louis is a co-founder of SP-aktif Properties and holds several directorships.

Louis is an Executive Director of SP-aktif Properties and Terra Optima One General Partner



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