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How FINADD Solves an Often Uncovered Accounting Issue: The Duplicate Entry and Payment of Invoices

Fix Creditor Overpayments and Recover Your Money Risk-Free

Invoices are often mistakenly double-paid, especially when transaction volumes are high. Supplier invoices, and even credit notes, can easily be entered into accounting systems erroneously due to formatting or input errors. More worrying, many of these errors are never discovered - causing losses and embarrassment for your company. Of course, when this problem recurs year after year it adds up to huge sums lost straight from your cash flow.


Because such funds usually appear untraceable it is difficult for auditors to track and identify where to make corrections. Even if duplication errors were easy to fix, the recovery of your company’s money and necessary interactions with multiple suppliers would typically make the task prohibitively complex.

Many of our clients initially believe they have safeguards in place to prevent duplicate payments. Yet our experience is that over half of large companies continue to make significant overpayments until we uncover the issue for them.  Suppliers are usually happy that we correct these issues – not only are their own accounts issues resolved but they get to regain credibility with their customers.


FINADD corrects duplication errors with a high degree of accuracy.

·         Duplication errors are identified and reconciled with your suppliers

·         Overpayments are subsequently recovered with minimal impact on your day-to-day operations

·         The service is fast, discrete and entirely confidential

·         Minimal resources are required from your company

·         Fees are based only on the successful recovery of overpaid sums


We apply our own proprietary technology to process data, treating it wherever necessary for accuracy and to reveal duplicate payments. With your permission we then commence recovering your money from suppliers. You do not pay us until recovered funds have cleared your bank account.


Getting Started is Easy and Requires Little Effort from You

Ask us to carry out a free assessment, and you’ll quickly discover if and how much you are overpaying your suppliers.


The benefits of FINADD bring increased prosperity to many companies. Find out if you could be one of them and contact us risk free today.