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Tree Services
Tree Felling
Although we try to save trees whenever possible, it does sometimes become necessary to remove them. When this happens we are fully equipped to bring down the largest trees, even when they are located in close proximity to buildings or in difficult areas.

The trimming of branches retains balance, reduces excess weight on limbs and enhances aesthetics. This 'aeration' of trees allows for wind pass through and reduces the 'sailboat' effect thus reducing risk of wind damage. Our trimming service is utilized by home owners, residential estates, golf courses and municipalities.

Site Clearing
Site clearing is an often required service for land owners, developers and municipalities. This can range from small erven to large development and public sites
Storm Damage & Repairs
When damage occurs to trees we assess the damage, make recommendations and in consultation with owners can repair or remove trees. Where buildings are implicated the correct removal of the tree is critical to minimize any further damage. We have worked with some of the major insurance houses.

Consulting and Planning
We consult with architects and developers to assess which trees can be retained based on aesthetics, age, species and location. Municipalities and town planners utilize our services at a macro level in retaining environmental balance and lessening environmental impact .

Free Quotations
Please call on us for quotations on any of these services.
Professional Tree Services
We are fully covered by public liability insurance from Santam
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