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Qualifications & Experience
Derek Fourie BsC. Hons. Forestry (Owner)
Derek studied at the University of Stellenbosch graduating in 1992. He went on to complete his Honours degree in 1993. After graduating Derek worked for Cape Nature Conservation gaining invaluable experience in his field. In 1994 he was appointed as head nature conservation officer for the Cape Point Nature Reserve before going on to form African Breathing Tree Services (ABTS) in 2000.

Derek is registered with the International Society for Arboriculture (ISA) and Nature Conservation SA (NATCON).

His formal degrees and many years of experience mean that Derek is one of the most qualified individuals in this field ensuring the most professional service for clients.

Derek spent many, many years rock climbing. The rope and safety skills learnt during that time mean that he is expert in ensuring the safety of his staff when working at the top of large trees.

The Team
The well trained team members are all permanent staff that have been with the company for at least 8 years. This long term experience, working together under Derek's guidance, has created a close knit unit that can tackle any project with skill, confidence and in safety.

The Company

Africa Breathing Tree Services (ABTS) was formed in 2000 by its owner, Derek Fourie, to satisfy the need for a professional tree service company with the qualifications to provide clients with the full spectrum of arborial services.

This is in stark contrast to the many tree felling companies that simply operate a chain saw with little or no formal knowledge. To ensure peace of mind for their clients ABTS is fully insured.
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