·         Holidays for Life without the hassles

·         Excellent Rental Returns : International Destination, Top drawer Hotel operator, Excellent product.

·         NO Maintenance Concerns : The entire resort is managed and maintained for you.

·         Hotel Operator : A top hotel operator with a proven track record will be appointed to ensure a well run resort with the best possible occupancy rates.

·         High Capital Growth : This is property ownership in one of SA's most sought after resort towns. ie. A hotspot.

·         Affordable ‘Buy in’ : The “buy in” amount is much lower than just about ANY other property available. For the bigger appetite, just purchase additional fractions.

·         Title Deed Ownership, NOT Shares : This is a true Fractional Title development. Each Tides Fraction will be registered in the Deeds Office, which means that it will have its own Certificate of Registered Title (Title Deed). There is NO intermediary shareholding company with other shareholders for you to contend with. Tides buyers own PROPERTY and NOT shares or timeshare.

·         Simple Transfer process : Because this is Title Deed Ownership the transfer process is very simple. You can sell your fraction to anyone and simply have an attorney handle the transfer process in the same manner as any other piece of property.


The Tides is a Great Buy because.....